Tesla Electric Dream Expo July 8, 2017 –  Tesla Science Center, Shoreham NY

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Celebrating Tesla’s 161st birthday July 8, 2017 by Natalie Aurucci Stiefel

On Saturday, July 8th, Tesla Science Center’s President , Jane Alcorn, welcomed over 600 guests to Wardenclyffe for the celebration of Nikola Tesla’s 161st birthday and the 100th anniversary of the dismantling of the legendary wireless transmitting tower at Shoreham. Alcorn introduced the many dedicated volunteers at Wardenclyffe and spoke of future plans for the establishment of a Tesla Science Center and Laboratories at Wardenclyffe.

Among the events was a presentation from President Alcorn to honor William H. Terbo, the grandnephew of Nikola Tesla.   Mr. Terbo spoke of his remembrances of his famed uncle, and the dedication of pursuing the Science Center.

Many visitors to the event had the opportunity of viewing Tesla automobiles as well as exhibits featuring the many inventions of Nikola Tesla. The Long Island Radio and Television Historical Society (LIRTVHS)  hosted a table featuring Long Island’s many faceted communications history.

Stanford White designed the Wardenclyffe brick building with arched windows, as well as the cast iron ornament on the roof, called a wellhead, which was inspired from one in Italy. The restored wellhead was featured at the celebration.

The Tesla Science Center’s Board of Directors are:

Jane Alcorn, President

Marc Alessi, Director

Neil Bagget

Mary Daum

Margaret Foster

Rich Gearns

Gene Genova

David Madigan

Michael Russo

Christopher Wesselborg

Cindy Buzid, Administrator

Their vision is evident in their statement:

“Inspired by Tesla’s dream to provide the power for a better life, Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe is pursuing its own dream by developing a Tesla museum and science center at his former laboratory in Shoreham. So much of Tesla’s work and innovation permeates our modern life, and we don’t even realize it. As you watch the robots, learn about the power grid, see the cars bearing his name, and enjoy all the innovative technology that had its roots in Tesla’s work, we hope you will remember him, join in the effort to make this dream come true and be inspired to follow your own dreams!”