19 02, 2018

Radio Tower 4: Talking Bing Crosby

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Arne Fogel, host of The Bing Shift on Jazz88 FM as well as a student and devotee of all things Crosby, relates Bing’s career in radio. We talk about how Bing helped define the medium, how he rose to be a multimedia star, his role in changing recording technology, and more.

This episode was recorded at The Booth, the new podcast recording studio at the Sachem Public Library. We thank them as well as this week’s guest co-host, Chris DeCristofaro.

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1 02, 2018

Radio Tower 3: Richard Hawkins Remembers Radio

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Board member Richard Hawkins shares his memories of radio, from listening to Murray the K to his time as a radioman in the US Navy.



And join us Saturday, February 17 at 11:00 am at the Sayville Public Library for a celebration of Jack Ellsworth and his Memory in Melodies program.

You can listen to the interview with Jack’s daughter and granddaughter on the Long Island History Project.

18 12, 2017

Radio Tower 2: Ed Taylor Remembers Radio

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Welcome back to the Radio Tower! Every few episodes we’ll be sitting down with our long-time members to discuss their early memories of radio.

First up is LIRTVHS Treasurer, Ed Taylor. A son of the Bronx, he has some distinct memories of listening in during the Depression and World War II in New York City.

Do you have your own memories you’d like to share? Come down to one of our meetings (third Saturdays of the month at the Sayville Public Library) and we’ll record them!

13 07, 2017

Welcome to the Radio Tower podcast!

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We’ve started a new podcast called the Radio Tower! This is a monthly podcast that will bring you stories and interviews about Long Island’s rich and varied history in the fields of radio and television broadcasting.

Our first episode features veteran TV producer Al Bernstein. Al also teaches at Suffolk County Community College where he’s coming to the end of a long and storied career.

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