1950s TV Test Pattern: A TV test pattern was used by a serviceman to make sure a 1950s TV was in focus. It was also what was broadcasted by TV stations when they ended their evening programming and before their first morning program. In the 50s and early 60s, TV was not 24 hours per day and usually the first shows came on as cartoons at 7am.

Most people today do not know that years ago when stock was bought, an actual certificate was issued and these in many cases were beautiful enough to collect.  Here is one from Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co.

1906 Magazine illustration showing the potential ‘evils’ of future communications effecting relationships.  This is a fascinating prediction from 110 years ago, of how radios and even cell phones will make one on one interactions less personal

Glowing radio tubes make a beautiful sight and something not seen much any more with solid state equipment. Stereo aficionados are reverting back to tubes as they give a richer and purer sound.

Here’s a very attractive Edison Phonograph ad from the early 1900s that must have made a big impression for its time.