We’re featuring more segments from the Long Island Home Front, our oral history project focusing on the impact of World War 2 on Long Island. Today we hear from Marie Mack, Brooklyn Native and longtime Mount Sinai summer resident.

We spoke with Marie in the same spot where her family started visiting Mount Sinai in 1924. Married by the start of the war, she had to move back into her parents’ home with her young daughter, her husband shipped overseas in the Army Air Force. She gives us a valuable look at what it was like to be a working woman during the war years.

Unfortunately, Marie Mack passed away earlier last year at the age of 100. We are honored to have spoken with her and been able to preserve some of these memories.

Do you or someone you know have their own expereinces of Long Island during World War II? We’d love to hear from you as these stories are slipping away and we are committed to preserving them for future generations. You can get in touch with us online and we’ll follow up on how the interviewing works. We are working in partnership with the National Home Front Project at Washington College’s Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience.