9 03, 2020

Radio Tower 22: Cindy Clifford

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Cindy Clifford never had a plan but she still found her way to a meaningful career in Long Island radio, from WRCN in Riverhead to WWHB in Hampton Bays to a long stint on the WALK morning show with Mark Daniels.

Today she tells us more about what drew her to working behind the mic, her thoughts on the state of radio today, and her current podcasting efforts.


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4 02, 2020

Radio Tower 21: Larry Davidson

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Life has taken Larry Davidson from a bodega in Spanish Harlem to a vineyard in Aquebogue and many places in between. Through it all, his keen mind and relentless curiosity have helped him forge a career in broadcasting as an interviewer of authors, singer songwriters, politicians, and more. He’s worked on WGBB and Cablevision as well as on a number of well-received series conducted at libraries and other cultural centers around the region.  His latest is a foray into podcasting with The Artful Periscope.

Larry Davidson

Larry Davidson

Join us on a trip through Larry’s life. We’ll meet Long Island broadcasters past and present, prominent authors such as Nelson DeMille and Pete Hamill, and musicians like Woody, Arlo, and Sarah Lee Guthrie. Along the way we talk about everything from podcasting to early soap operas to the mind of the long distance runner.


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4 11, 2019

Radio Tower 18: Dave Vieser and WGBB

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Beginning his broadcasting career in his basement as a child in Baldwin, Dave Vieser went on to learn radio at WVHC at Hofstra before landing the dream job: playing music on WGBB in Freeport. He started on weekends, then night shifts, then afternoons and finally mornings. On this episode we sit down with Dave to talk about his career in radio and beyond, from spinning records to covering high school sports to working for Nassau County’s Press Office.

Dave Vieser, former WGBB DJ, at the Freeport Memorial Library.

Dave Vieser (l) and David North of the Press Club of Long Island at the Freeport Memorial Library.

We are joined by returning guest David North of the Press Club of Long Island (PCLI) who has spent a good deal of time researching the history of WGBB. PCLI, with help from the village and the Freeport Historical Society, recently unveiled a marker to designate the site of WGBB’s studios, the site of the first commercial news broadcast on the Island.

This episode was recorded at the Freeport Public Library. Many thanks to librarian Regina Feeney and director Ken Bellafiore for the use of the space!


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7 10, 2019

Radio Tower 17: Bullet Bob Ottone

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Robert Ottone sits down with Chris Kretz and Connie Currie to discuss the life and times of his father, Bullet Bob Ottone. A DJ at WGLI and WGBB in the 1970s, Bullet Bob was known for his rapid-fire delivery. He was one of WGBB’s “Super Six”, hosting the Night Train from midnight to six am.


After an on-air career that introduced him to the Beatles, Barry White and Joe Frazier, Bob turned to education. He taught radio at Brentwood High School and also operated their station WXBA-FM. To top it all off, in his later years he was the PA announcer for the Long Island Ducks.

WGBB’s Super Six. Ad from the Freeport Leader, 8/31/72. (NY State Historic Newspapers database)

Many thanks to Robert for sharing these memories of his father, who passed away earlier this year. He gives us a glimpse into the life of a remarkable man who dedicated his life to bringing music and joy to Long Island.

Robert is also a true-crime podcaster and author so check out his Voices from Gilgo as well as his latest collection of short stories.


Bullet Bob Ottone (Newsday 2/19/2019)

Robert Ottone Author Page (Amazon)

WXBA-FM, Brentwood HS

Press Club, Freeport dedicate marker for WGBB

Voices from Gilgo podcast

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23 09, 2019

Radio Tower 16: Jack Kratoville

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Growing up in Riverhead in the 1960s, Jack Kratoville always wanted to be on the mic. He got his wish, forging a career that started with unpaid newsreads on WRCN and continued to include stints at WLNG, WWHB, WMJC and more.

These days you’ll find him on 106.7 WLTW as well as out back of his Flanders home trying to improve the reception on his vast collection of old radios. On this episode, we joined Jack after hours at WRIV – an apt setting for a conversation on radio history. The squeaky chairs were added for atmosphere.

Jack Kratoville and Chris Kretz.


6 05, 2019

Radio Tower 15: Dennis Daniel on WBAB and WDRE

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Let’s go back to the 1980s when album rock ruled the airwaves, Long Island was awash in nightclubs, and Dennis Daniel was unleashing his own brand of audio madness on WBAB.

Dennis Daniel.

Dennis was a Production Director whose fertile imagination and drive camouflaged spots touting dentists and car steroes inside a theater of the absurd. With a gift for impersonation and a bottomles well of pop culture memories to draw on, Dennis forged a successful career on Long Island that included winning multiple CLIO awards for WBAB and then a move to WDRE.

More Dennis Daniel.

Hear him describe his creative process, his views on the development of the radio industry, and the one career path he dreamt of taking.

Dennis Daniel, Chris Kretz, and Connie Currie.


2 03, 2019

Radio Tower 13: Bill Edwards and Programming WALK

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From the hills of Scranton to the shores of Patchogue Bay, Bill Edwards pursued a career in radio driven by his love of music. As program director at WALK on Long Island, he helped build the sound of the station through the 1980s and 90s.

On today’s episode he takes us through the evolving history of music programming, from gut-level decisions to precise polling data to non-stop Christmas music (for which he may or may not be responsible). We also discuss his internship days at WABC, life during Hurricane Gloria, and the state of radio history at local stations.


Bill Edwards.


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14 02, 2019

Radio Tower 12: David North Makes It Work

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If one door wouldn’t open, David North found another way in. He forged a career from the wilds of New Hampshire to the shores of Long Island, from television to radio to print and back again, with some corporate work thrown in for good measure. On today’s episode we discuss this long path as well as his time at Channel 67 in Islip and at WALK-FM, among others. We discuss the twin poles of radio that are Howard Stern and Paul Harvey, as well as David’s memorable meetings with Jack Ellsworth on Long Island and what is missing from journalism today.

29 01, 2019

Radio Tower 11: The Life of Salvatore LoCascio

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We recently received a donation of a TV repairman’s toolbox and a 1949 Zenith television. Although interesting in their own right, the true fascination comes from the people behind the donation. This was Sal LoCascio’s toolbox. He was a veteran of the Army Air Corps in World War II, an artist, and a man who could fix anything. His family, particularly Angela Inguaggiato, wanted to make sure these items went to a good home. They had similarly donated Sal’s model B-25, with its six-foot wingspan, to the Air Power Museum in Farmingdale.

Intrigued, we wanted to learn more about Sal, his family, and his life. On today’s episode, Sal’s wife Mildred and Angela relay a story that ranges from Brooklyn to the Brenner Pass, from the cockpit of the Naughty Nancy to the streets of Queens. The family, by the way, is still looking for a home for the uniforms of Mildred’s brothers, one a Navy, the other an Army veteran of World War II. If any institution is interested, please drop us an email and we’ll put you in touch.

Sal and Mildred on their wedding day. Photo courtesy of Angela Inguaggiato.

Tinted photo of Salvatore and Mildred Locascio. Photo courtesy of inguaggiato.

31 12, 2018

Radio Tower 10: I Remember Radio with John Vuolo

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John Vuolo has been collecting and restoring radios since he was a teenager. On this episode he recounts how he got interested in old radios and some highlights of his collecting career.

Music on this Episode: