Radio Tower 17: Bullet Bob Ottone

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Robert Ottone sits down with Chris Kretz and Connie Currie to discuss the life and times of his father, Bullet Bob Ottone. A DJ at WGLI and WGBB in the 1970s, Bullet Bob was known for his rapid-fire delivery. He was one of WGBB’s “Super Six”, hosting the Night Train from midnight to six am.


After an on-air career that introduced him to the Beatles, Barry White and Joe Frazier, Bob turned to education. He taught radio at Brentwood High School and also operated their station WXBA-FM. To top it all off, in his later years he was the PA announcer for the Long Island Ducks.

WGBB’s Super Six. Ad from the Freeport Leader, 8/31/72. (NY State Historic Newspapers database)

Many thanks to Robert for sharing these memories of his father, who passed away earlier this year. He gives us a glimpse into the life of a remarkable man who dedicated his life to bringing music and joy to Long Island.

Robert is also a true-crime podcaster and author so check out his Voices from Gilgo as well as his latest collection of short stories.


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