Radio Tower 11: The Life of Salvatore LoCascio

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We recently received a donation of a TV repairman’s toolbox and a 1949 Zenith television. Although interesting in their own right, the true fascination comes from the people behind the donation. This was Sal LoCascio’s toolbox. He was a veteran of the Army Air Corps in World War II, an artist, and a man who could fix anything. His family, particularly Angela Inguaggiato, wanted to make sure these items went to a good home. They had similarly donated Sal’s model B-25, with its six-foot wingspan, to the Air Power Museum in Farmingdale.

Intrigued, we wanted to learn more about Sal, his family, and his life. On today’s episode, Sal’s wife Mildred and Angela relay a story that ranges from Brooklyn to the Brenner Pass, from the cockpit of the Naughty Nancy to the streets of Queens. The family, by the way, is still looking for a home for the uniforms of Mildred’s brothers, one a Navy, the other an Army veteran of World War II. If any institution is interested, please drop us an email and we’ll put you in touch.

Sal and Mildred on their wedding day. Photo courtesy of Angela Inguaggiato.

Tinted photo of Salvatore and Mildred Locascio. Photo courtesy of inguaggiato.